IT management process

Something that we determined early when thinking about the best way to take care of customers, was that the relationship needs to be beneficial to both sides. We want to find a way to have your downtime disappear so that technology glitches never get in the way of your business. We also want to find a way to do it for less than you have already been paying.

The best way for us to determine if there is a good fit is for us to do “discovery”. What this means is that we sit down with you to ask some questions that help us to determine if your needs are currently being met, and where the areas of concern are. We also look at your site and network to see what is currently being used and where we can help.

Then we leave and prepare a proposal that shows you in detail what our thoughts are, and what it would cost for us to manage things for you. If your equipment is dated, and should be changed, we will present options that will rotate new equipment into your environment keeping you current and adding minimal expense to your monthly totals.

“We want to find a way to have your downtime disappear so that technology glitches never get in the way of your business.”

what many owners don’t use as a measuring stick is downtime. our goal is to eliminate the downtime that you suffer due to numerous reasons:

Email not working

No backups of important data and files

No internet access

Network acting slower than usual

Computers not working at all

Anti-virus out of date, or non-existent

Any of these problems costs your company money, not just in lost business, but in downtime for your employees who have to wait until things are fixed.

We depend on technology for all facets of business in this modern age. Communication through email and instant messaging, invoicing, accounting, and design. What owners don’t factor in to these small problems is the expense they incur each time it happens. When your email stops working, it affects your whole company. That isn’t a small amount of money per hour. Our goal is to eliminate those problems by fixing things at the source, as well as educating your staff if that is the cause.

Our goal is to eliminate down time and manage your network so you don’t have to worry about anything. That means your backup and security are monitored and maintained 24/7.

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