Winnipeg Managed Services

Right now you probably find yourself in one of two situations:

Operating day to day and fixing things as they break down. As long as you get your email and your computers are working, you are happy. Unfortunately though when things go wrong they can really go wrong. Backups consist of copying files to an external hard drive or in some cases no backup at all. You decide what computer to buy based on price only and probably have no security or a password shared by all your staff.

You have an I.T. employee who you pay to keep things up and running. The problem is that as long as he knows a little bit more than you do, he comes across as an expert. He has the architecture of your network and all the passwords. Basically, your office setup is done in the only way they know how, and as long as he is there your network is his domain. Literally.

What does that mean to you as a business owner/manager? Many small and medium sized businesses are faced with this situation and that is part of why alpha was formed. We realize that there is a large market in Winnipeg that is being under-served and overcharged.

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