Who are we? Great question.


alpha technologies is a company built on team concept.  Our strength comes from our unity as a company that focuses on certain goals, primary of those being our dedication towards doing what’s right for you, the customer.

Sure, everyone says that.  What everyone doesn’t do is follow through.

The only way you can do accomplish goals like this is to stay focused on the task at hand, and to remain engaged with your customer before and after the work is done.  This is why we currently manage some of the largest companies in their respective fields.

alpha isn’t a company that just employs anyone.  Due to ownership having a long history in the industry, we were able to call upon individuals who were looking for something that allowed them to truly apply their skills.  A company that wasn’t about “trying their best”, but one who accomplished results.  The only way to do this, is to have a team that you communicate well with, and one that knows how to ask the right questions, and provide the right solutions.

This doesn’t apply to alpha staff alone, but to our suppliers, industry partners, and distributors, who all play a part in the solution.

Even though our clients are from coast to coast, we are based out of Winnipeg, and employ local talent, empowering them to further their careers with us, and strengthen relationships with our clients.

We are approachable, and active in the local community.  Our strengths lie in helping clients use technology in a way that makes them better.

Started in 2011 when ownership got frustrated working for people who cared more about the money than the solution, we are proud to have followed our inspiration in bettering everyone that we deal with.

Whether this is helping our customers save money, or helping to provide a solution that furthers their business, alpha is a partner in the truest sense of the word.


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