What’s it like to work at alpha?

There is a story behind the creation of alpha that we tell customers. The one about how it all began. A discussion during the super bowl half time that led to an idea. An idea to build on.
Deliver on our promises. On our commitments, both to our customers, as well as each other.
That in itself takes commitment.
It takes not only the right leadership, but also the right people.
alpha is at it’s core, a team concept.
True “no latency” communication.
Some days can be long, dealing with files encrypted by a client mistake, or old hardware failing and having to come up with a solution in hours, not days.
That is what we are built for, whether we like it or not.
That is also what we are proud of.
Working at alpha is about checking your ego at the door.
It is about laughing.
A lot.
It is about people who work together who really, truly, like each other, and have each others backs.
It is about sneaking away on the opening day of a new Marvel movie, with a dozen of your friends.
It is about camping together and learning how to fly drones.
How to use a 3D Printer.
How to be proud of what you do for a living.
I can’t answer for the people who work here.
I can only answer for myself.
As one of the guys who had a dream about a place like this…..
Well for me, working at alpha is my nirvana.
We have exceeded my wildest dreams when I look at where we are today.
Where we will be tomorrow.
I have so much to tell you all in the next few months.
Wonderful, exciting things.
What’s it like to work at alpha?
Ask us when you get the chance.
I am sure that you will see what I mean.