What makes an alpha technologies employee?

Everyone has a theory as to how to find that perfect employee.
While it isn’t an exact science, the art of finding and keeping the right person is one that can be made easier if you know what you are looking for.
What are your priorities as an employer?
An employee?
In some areas, those will differ.
Best case scenario you will have a lot of matching wants and expectations.
alpha is different, both in how we interview, and retain our employees.
We are looking for someone who has more than good interview skills.
We want quality life skills first and foremost.

What? Life skills?
alpha cares about your life outside of work?
We want to know what you do in your off work time.
Do you play sports? (indicates a team player)
Do you have children? (goes to patience)
What are your communication skills like? (large part of a support job is dealing with customers and communication is integral to that)
Are you looking for a career vs a job? (We want lifers, not people looking for a change)
Are you salary or hourly? (salary pays you to do the job, some days that is longer, some days shorter. alpha prefers salaried employees)
Are you active in hobbies, diverse in your interests? (Our work vacations are EPIC and usually involve skiing, camping, and various other outdoor events)
Do you love movies? (Yup. Movies. We love to skip out from work once in a while and jump into an afternoon matinee of the newest Star Wars.)
Do you like to laugh? (We laugh a lot. A lot. alpha has a very funny group of guys and we are always cracking off to each other)

Are you loyal?
As an owner, I need to know that what we share and teach will be applied in our best interests, not shared with our competition.
alpha technologies will never be traditional.
Traditional was broken. It didn’t put the customer first.
alpha puts the customer first, and in order to do that, we need non traditional employees.
We have that now, one of the best assembled teams of technicians and staff that I have ever worked with.
Adding to that group requires both the right touch, and the right person.
When we find you, we want to make sure we keep you.
When you find us, we want to make sure you understand how unique we are, deserving of that same treatment.
Do you have what it takes or do you know someone who does?
alpha is a family. We treat adding to that family very seriously as we hate turn over.
We have a few pieces of the puzzle that are missing and would love nothing better than to find the right fit.