VIZpin. Your phone is your key.®

We get new products across our inbox daily. Offers of new applications. Promotional products that will change your business. The latest tablet or notebook. New phones, gateways, routers, and switches.
My point is that we get inundated with new products that we really have no use for.
Most of them are just faster versions. More memory or CPU power. Superficial additions that add nothing but cost.
Revolutionary products don’t come around very often.
In 2011 it was 3CX.
A new phone system that we found because of frustration with how the other systems worked, and charged, for their services.
The story on our latest partner came about a little differently. As you may have read, we purchased a building a short while ago and as we work on moving and updating the location, we started thinking about our physical security.
Locks. Doors. Alarms. Camera systems.
Of course we wanted something that fit our style, so it had to be technology based, but something that made things easier without losing the original intent of the product.
A few searches, some phone calls, and we were on to something.
There was something new to the industry. Somebody had the same concerns we did, but built a solution.
A US based manufacturer that built a product that solves a problem when it comes to security and convenience.
They designed a system that uses your smartphone and an app to open your doors.
Let’s get this part out of the way first.
No copying the digital “keys”.
Digital keys?
Keys that reside on your phone.
You know, that thing you never forget when you leave in the morning.
That thing that you would not drop in a parking lot and not notice.
The device you don’t lend to anyone else.
The device that already has all your important and private things.
Pictures. Videos. Email and text.
Well now you can add your keys.

Why would I want to carry around a key fob or an access card when I already have my smartphone?
If I already trust a device with my private information, does it not make sense to add my keys to the same device?
FOB’s and access cards get lost and need programming or replacing.
This doesn’t happen to your phone when the keys are digital.
Here is how it works.
You add a new employee. They have an iphone or android smartphone. They download the VIZpin app.
As the owner, you log in to your portal, and issue that employee a “key”.
They receive a security SMS message that verifies their device.
Then they accept the “key”.
This key can have restrictions for example, like the dates/times that it is good for. Maybe only 9-5 for example so that your employee doesn’t have night time access.
Once they are 30 feet from the door, the key will not only move to the top of the list if you have a few keys, but will light up green to show that you can open the door. If it is red, you don’t have access at that time.
Tap the key, door clicks, and you walk in.
No brass keys to cut. Most importantly, no keys to get back when you make a staff change, or no locks to re key because you are worried about a copy.
Peace of mind.
It doesn’t take long to see the huge advantage for any business regardless of the amount of staff.
The Plus version gives you logging as well so you can run reports and check the access so you know who came in late to get some things done.

We have been testing the product now for a few weeks in our own office and it is brilliant.
Simple, effective, and by using a Bluetooth connection to the reader from your phone, you have the advantage of installing the reader INSIDE so it doesn’t have to face our elements, or exposure to vandalism. We can keep the reader hidden completely if you want that clean look to your office.
An added advantage is that it doesn’t need a connection to an ISP as it uses the smartphone connection to do verification. That means that remote locations that don’t have internet can now be secured and logged. A huge benefit to sites such as gated storage areas or remote sheds that are locked down.
The applications are endless. Daycare facilities that can now issue keys to parents to drop off their kids. Data Centers that provide timed access to clients.
If you are interested in the product, or interested in becoming a dealer, contact us for more information.
Once we are in our new facility, come down for an onsite demonstration.
Your phone is your key.®
(In some of the photos you will see a red key fob. This is for the person that just got off the covered wagon who doesn’t have a smartphone.)