alpha came to our rescue when our previous IT provider was stacking failure on top of failure. They not only provided us with stable, reliable, quality, prompt service, but also introduced us to many ways to save costs and improve our technological efficiency. They foresee potential problems and solve them proactively; two examples are alerting us to a HDD about to fail and arranging a replacement before it became an emergency, and establishing security protocols and a network backup which allowed them to catch and undo a ransomware attack with maybe an hour of downtime. Whether it’s network support, user management, helpdesk, website hosting & maintenance, hardware repair & replacement, IT vendor management, or even support for obsolete, proprietary, third-party software (who does that?!?), it’s rare that we send a request to alpha that they cannot solve. As a company in a non-technical manual labour industry, we have a hard time attracting IT-savvy employees. And even if we could find and hire a human to do everything that alpha does, the level of skill and customer service required for one person to match alpha’s performance would command a much higher salary than we pay to be an alpha managed services customer. Do yourself a favour and sign up with them today.

James Kautz Customer Experience Manager

Your team is hands down one of the best white gloves operation crew I have witnessed in a career of operations lasting over 20 years. They are complete pros and have a creative sense of humour to boot.

Dan Dell'Acqua CEO

Thank you for always being there when we need you, for always being so professional and nice and fixing every problem we have had!
You are a truly wonderful team and we appreciate you more than you know.

Denise Maharaj Clinic Administrator

The service was fabulous as was the support as we came through the whole changeover process.

Lewis Megaw CFO/Compliance Officer