New products and new relationships coming.

alpha technologies has some exciting things to talk about in the near future. Things that had their conception years ago, and some that were solidified in the last few weeks.
We have always been proud of our ability to find products and services that enhance our customers in ways that compliment what they do. This means testing products ourselves to make sure that we approve before we bring them to market.
One of the things that I am excited about is new hardware that was a result of alpha looking for a solution to a problem we were encountering. To give details would be giving away more than I want at this time. Suffice it to say that this product was one that will be discussed more over the upcoming months.
Some of the pictures here relate to that product.
It is something that will make our clients more secure, give them an option to manage their own environment while empowering them in ways that were difficult in the past. Not only have we found something that evolves an area of security, but does it at a fraction of traditional pricing.
As you can tell, I am excited about this, especially now that we have been testing a working product for the last few days and can now picture how we can deploy and fine tune this for each customers needs.
You’ll also see some other pictures that are clues to even bigger news that will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. This is big news. For alpha it is game changing. For our customers, it enforces our stability, and our look to the future. This will effect both of our own growth, but also how we provide additional value over the next few years for customers we are lucky enough to work with.
There are some exciting new partnerships that we will be announcing with some local businesses that have the same DNA.  One that builds on the concept that customer service IS the difference.  Through that relationship you will see options that can help your business save money and also increase your productivity.

Yes, you can save and get more.  All will be explained in time.

Over the summer we did a lot of work in the rural areas of Manitoba and got a first hand look at how our friends in the country have been stuck paying ancient pricing for services that have changed tremendously over the years.  We reacted to that knowledge by offering our own comparable products at a fraction of the price.  We treated this as a testing ground to make sure that what we put our name on would be up to our high standards.

I am proud to announce that alpha will be introducing our own branded business phone lines in the near future that will carry a fixed monthly price that includes it all.  No more incremental charges, or obscene line costs.  We currently have some of our largest customers in Manitoba operating seamlessly on alpha hardware, and saving 20%+ on monthly communication expenses.

There will be a separate blog entry coming that will get into details.


It has been a busy few months and is only going to get busier as we move towards 2017.

Looking forward to the next five years.

Hard to believe it has been five already.

So a few teaser pictures that all relate to the things I have been talking about above. Will give you all some clues, just to keep things interesting.