Technology changes at a faster rate than most companies can keep up with. When IT isn’t your specialty, you can get overwhelmed trying to decide if you are behind or right where you need to be.

In todays business world, technology plays a major part of your success.  Letting alpha technologies take care of the day to day can streamline your business, and make you more profitable.  Whether it is just assisting you when you need a hand, or managing all facets of your I.T. alpha technologies has a solution.


I.T. has changed over the last decade. Businesses have moved from having an assigned staff member, or department, to off loading some of the management to third party companies like alpha. Part of the reason is less exposure and cost savings that can't be ignored.

Too many businesses have found themselves on the wrong end of an I.T. employee that demands a raise, and has all your passwords and backups on his side.

How many businesses have found themselves crippled for weeks due to a lack of security, or who don't have a firewall because they don't know what it is?

Don't be worried about if you backed up, or if you have the latest anti virus protection.

Let alpha technologies give you a detailed proposal on how we can take care of all your I.T. concerns so you can take care of worrying about your business.


We know that not all customers need full management. Sometimes budget dictates that you need to do some of the work yourself. We understand so have designed a couple of packages to make it easier for customers to get the support they need, and can afford.

For those that want more assurance, then we have our Priority Service that is a base amount monthly, but gives you all the advantages of a fully managed customer, without the full service retainer expense.  This way you get discounted hourly rates when you need some work done, but the fast response times you need when you can't wait till the next day.

On the top tier we have our fully managed package that gives you all the advantages.  Everything included in the Priority Service package plus no additional monthly billing outside of new projects.  We assess your needs and propose a package that lets you concentrate on your business and let us focus on the tech solutions you need. 

Not only does our fully managed package take care of all aspects of your network, backup, and protection but also includes our involvement when you are negotiating with your other vendors such as Shaw/MTS/Bell.  

We help to make sure you are always maximizing your dollars when it comes to one of the most important backbones of your business.