Lac Du Bonnet Sept 2016

Team concept.

That was one of the fundamentals that alpha was built on.

One of the things we do to reinforce that is by doing a lot of different things together.img_9998

Let’s see.  The things that the staff at alpha has done together so far…..



Escape Rooms

Go Kart Racingimg_9946

River Rapids


Laser Tag

Drone Racing

RC Planesimg_9874

Watch Meteor showers.

Look at planets through a telescope.

This on top of suppers, coffee, board game afternoons, video games, hockey games, and more.

My point is that there is a relationship between all of these things, and how well alpha works with each other, as well as our clients and vendors.

We have clients that join us camping now. img_0156

Who feel like staff.

We actually had one of the partners of Hello Websites come out and spend a night on this retreat.

As well as the IT manager for one of the largest car dealers in Winnipeg.

Lac Du Bonnet became one of our yearly spots not just because of the beauty in that area, but our relationship with some fantastic people at Heather Fish and Game.  They have always been welcoming to us, even using their lawn mowers to cut paths in the deep grass for us to use as racing lines for our drones.

This last weekend alpha rented a cabin, setup tents, bought some thick steaks, and ordered up sunlight and light winds.img_9932

What we had was a perfect weekend.

Courses setup using pool noodles and stakes pounded into the ground create a course that has wide turns, gates that you need to fly through, and heart medication on the side to help manage your pulse when you are chasing one of our friends at 40 miles an hour at a foot above the grass.img_0127

Board games in the cabin at night once the sun disappears.

Laughter till your stomach hurts.  Friendships strengthened.  Team concepts reinforced by having fun, and spending time with the people that we have built our future on.

Our staff.img_0037

It isn’t free, but it isn’t really expensive relative to other ways of rewarding you employees.

I am proud to state that we have not had one staff change in the five years that alpha has been in business.

I don’t see that changing.img_0091