Great day with employees, partners, and clients in Lorette

What a fantastic day.
Up early but excited to be able to get away from the desk to go to the 1st Annual Evolution Electric Golf Tournament.

We haIMG_20160707_1133067-1ve been lucky to work with a great partner in Evolution Electric.
Guys that know what it takes to make customers happy, and to do things right. You’ll be seeing a lot more of these guys in the years to come.
They are a client of ours that we are proud to be associated with. They use a 3CX phone system, as well as use our services to make sure that their tech is being done right.
They invited us to a beautiful course in Lorette that deserves a visit.  The food (breakfast was amazing and the burgers were home made for lunch!), and the course, were amazing.IMG_20160707_1131202-1

Rich (our new operations manager), Riley (long time friend from Shaw Tracking), and myself, started the day at the first hole, and finished the day 2 under. Of course this was a best ball game, but still made us feel more professional than our individual scores would show.
One of the great things about spending time like this with staff and friends is how much you appreciate the people you work with.
People who give their hard work towards making your company successful. Who truly get what we are trying to create in alpha.
Ego’s were left in the parking lot, and laughter was heard on the course from the first swing.
Even though the day was grey, no rain fell, and the mosquitoes were actually manageable.

Now I am not a golfer. Far from it. Ask me to catch a football, or hit a baseball, that I can do. Golf isn’t something strange to me, just something I haven’t done a lot of and done recently.IMG_20160707_1142590
That was rather obvious.
For more than just me.
That was what made it even more fun.
Rich actually has the closest to the hole award until the very last team went through.
We all looked really really good when we wound up and got ready to swing.IMG_20160707_1233186-1
The results weren’t always as good, but the sense of camaraderie couldn’t have been stronger.
I have said this before, and it hasn’t changed.
I am lucky to do what I do.
Luckier to do it with the people I am with.
Today confirmed that.