electra sign helping alpha light up Portage Avenue

When you take on a task as momentous as both buying a property, and then moving into that property, you realize the scope of what you have taken on early in the process.
It has been said that moving is one of the most stressful times of your life. While I can’t totally agree with that when it is a work move, I do think that alpha was lucky to deal with companies that helped make the necessary changes easier. Dealing with top tier companies guarantees that you will have less stress.
A major decision that had to be made was how are we going to brand our building? There was a need for signs for both our tenant (A Muse N Games) and for ourselves.
Once we did all the research, and understood the scope of what we wanted to display, there really was only one company we could trust to do the work.

electra sign has been around for over 35 years. Ken Devine, President and CEO, has stayed active in his company and we were lucky enough to have him running point on our project. We met with him a few times to go over the details of what we wanted, and then started to see design results that helped us to picture how everything would look. Having years of business experience, one thing that distinguishes a professional is how well they grasp their clients expectations early. It doesn’t take submission after submission to get it right. Honestly, I think that after the first draft we were close to our final approval.

The morning of the installation, the electra install crew showed up to prepare everything. They marked off the street and setup all the safety signs and cordoned off an area so that there would be no danger to anyone who was walking past the building.
Of course we stood outside and gawked. How often do you get the chance to see not only your company logo installed, but also a logo that you designed without the help of any marketing firm. One of many things that alpha is proud of.

By late that afternoon everything was installed. Well, not everything. Electricity was missing and for those that haven’t driven by yet, we have some movement in our sign, not just lighting. Because we had permits in order, this wasn’t something that would prove to be difficult. The following day electricians (shout out to St James Electric) spent the day running the conduit necessary for carrying the power to the sign.
We made sure to be “green” as much as we could, using LED lighting for everything, as well as a brush-less motor.
Everything was connected and the time had come. Due to the design, we were going to get a couple of “Holy S$^@!” moments. The first was that afternoon when power was first applied.
Seeing that large red “a” start spinning was a thrill. Exactly how we had pictured it, and exactly how electra designed it.

Returning that evening brought the second moment.

What a pleasure it was to deal with Ken and electra sign. Every member of their staff that we worked with was professional and detail oriented. They took no shortcuts and made sure that safety was as much a concern as perfection on the final product. What a pleasure to work with a company who carries the same base ideals that we do.
I can’t give any higher recommendation to a company than when I take the time to write about our experiences. If you need a refresh to your location, and want the best, well just give the guys at electra a call and I am sure you will be as impressed as we were.