Having degrees in both Computer Science and in Business Information Systems, Alan comes with over 20 years of experience working in the technology industry. He is the lead person who brings an easy going personality and a sense of calm to a solutions driven industry. Having managed people on multiple levels but still staying involved in the sales side, there is nobody better at committing to the solutions that his team provides, and to explaining things to you in a manner that you understand. He has worked with small companies in the restaurant industry on money saving solutions, as well as providing large scale enterprise level products to data centers, helping them save millions. With connections to people in both manufacturing and distribution, there is nobody better at making sure that your solution is implemented properly, and on time.

Having spent his career in the industry, he has experience that is missing from a lot of similar firms. With a firm belief that service has to always exceed expectations, he has surrounded himself with staff that is at the top of their field.


Bruce completed his Honors in Business Administration degree at the Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario (1990). Thereafter, he began working on Wall Street as an Account Executive with Thomas James and Associates in New York City, and later transferred to a similar position in San Francisco. In 1994, he returned to Canada, as the Systems/Office Manager of Agassiz Seed Farm Ltd. during which time, he also worked on a number of value-added agricultural related projects.

For the past 10 years, Bruce has worked in the venture capital industry, most recently as Manager, Investments with GrowthWorks Capital Ltd. and previously as Director, Investments with ENSIS Management Inc.. Bruce was accountable for reviewing business plans, evaluating potential investments, negotiating company valuations and performing research and due diligence activities.

He is an experienced professional with international business experience in a diverse range of industries. Bruce has served as Director on a number of private company boards and currently serves as Director of the Red River Co-op Ltd. and has served as the Chair of the Nominations and Governance Committee and the Chair of the Audit Committee.


From an early age Dan was introduced to computers/tech. Anything with a circuit board or a screen would attract his attention. Recognizing his interests early, Dan enrolled in computer/tech related classes and hobbies at a young age. His early exposure to computers led him on a path of tech related academics and interests.

With the increased popularity of the internet, Dan found his niche in web programming/design. He’s talented with software, with an eye for design and layout.

He creates web applications(websites) for both businesses and internal projects/ideas. The web apps can simplify or automate a variety of problems and require minimal maintenance.

When we started, Dan had the opportunity to learn some PBX programming when he was invited to an alpha training session. Learning on an archaic proprietary PBX, he acquired the base understanding and quickly worked his way up to mastering IP based phone systems. With his background in tech, he quickly became lead tech on all IP PBX installations.

With 150+ installations under his belt, he has acquired a great understanding of network setup and troubleshooting, and is a permanent member of the alpha team.


Justin has always been a geek at heart. In what seems to be a common theme among technology savvy people, Justin also was one that took things apart at a young age. Tech-Voc High School was a perfect fit for Justin where he took the necessary academics but spent a lot of time on computer courses ranging from networking to graphic and web design.

He started his career in 2008 working with a few companies as an IT consultant. Some of these jobs included some of the bigger car dealerships and that gave Justin experience on the software used. This also gave him his first experiences with PBX based phone systems.

Finding that his talents were not being utilized, Justin moved to a work with a small team at one of the cities larger hardware stores that took care of over 250 users. It was here that he became experienced with enterprise level hardware and software. Due to his talents, Justin has been adaptive to many different roles. He has worked supporting customers from a helpdesk standpoint, walking people through difficult tasks to help solve their problems. He does a majority of his work onsite which takes advantage of his very strong personal skills and his love of dealing with people.

Mixing great personal skills with an analytic mind gives alpha another strong cornerstone. Given his need to be challenged, and to be accountable to both coworkers and staff has brought Justin to alpha where he has become indispensible as one of the team.


Rich exudes Winnipeg. Bleeds the same colour as the teams. He was born and raised here, and has a family of his own. He got his technology start over fifteen years ago in post secondary, and attended Red River to further his education. After working in government for a while, Rich broke into the sales side of the industry with an established technology distributor.

As happens with all of us, we start to find our calling once we get into the right opportunities. Over the years Rich proved that his attention to detail was a strength that was a necessity in business. He was a natural when it came to managing larger projects and coordinating all aspects. He joins alpha after over a decade of experience in the technology sector, and takes on the role of operations manager.

Think of Rich as the glue that binds the other aspects of alpha. His role is integral to alpha continuing to deliver the level of excellence that we have established throughout our history. Communication forms the core of any successful business, and the person in charge of keeping everyone aware needs to be detail oriented.
We are lucky to have him on board.


Chris came to us through a family channel after he spent some time in our old office visiting.
He immediately recognized what we were trying to do when it came to support and business model.
Something that he wanted to be a part of, and with a background in IT, it was a natural fit.

He grew up south of Carman, Manitoba and moved to Winnipeg in the late 80’s. After finishing his courses in Red River, he worked with one of the school divisions for most of his career.
Besides being knowledgeable when it comes to computers and networks, he has interests in plants, aquariums, motorcycles, and pretty much anything with lights and noises.
Chris has an extensive background in network, with a lot of experience in wireless deployment.

As we grow our reach outside of Winnipeg, Chris will be instrumental in helping us manage clients both urban and rural.


Mike joins the alpha family with credentials that add to our ability to provide solutions. When a client requires wiring that is done by a professional, then Mike will be able to fill that demand.

After graduating from Oak Park High School, Mike attended Red River College to become a Journeyman Electrician, and becoming Red Seal ticketed. (This means that his skills are recognized across the country giving him inter-provincial status.)

He has years of experience working on projects both large and small. He has worked on some of the biggest construction sites in the province, such as the new football stadium, the Winnipeg Airport, as well as working on the MTS Data Centre.
Mike brings a problem solving mentality that fits right in with the core values that alpha delivers.

He is one of the regulars when we hit Lake Louise for some time skiing, and can be found at our annual camping trips where you will find more electronics than you will in most homes.
A lot of the work you see in our recent jobs has been a result of Mikes skills finding ways to help keep everything clean and functional.

We look forward to deploying our solutions on top of his wiring.
Welcome aboard.


GeeK was originally hired to bring a certain culture to alpha.
He came from the country, born outside of Carman Manitoba. He spent his early life there before joining us at an age of eight weeks.
He matured quickly, taking on the roles of “Complaints Manager” and “Entertainment Director” within weeks of arriving.
Before long there was a noticeable discipline in the staff that was not there before. Being a results based company, we just let things go as GeeK was getting results.
“Executive Director of Things that Don’t Really Matter” and “Arranger of Naps” joined his other titles and soon there was no doubt of the hierarchy in the office.

A visit to the clinic took care of some of the issues, but we still live in a respectful fear of that high speed take down that can come at any time.
He truly is an active member of the group, and he is always willing to absorb the comments thrown his way on a regular basis about his hygiene.
The little matted clusters of hair, that are oddly moist, have become almost unnoticed. Until we catch him “making” one, we can’t really lay blame.
Nothing can replace the joy you get when you see a fifteen pound male cat lying on his back, legs spread, looking at you like you are invading his space.
We don’t know what we would do without him.


Jayne joined alpha in the middle of 2012 to provide us with the bookkeeping that is needed to run a growing business. She acquired her accounting education from Red River College pursuing her CGA. She immediately became involved in working for both retail operations, as well as distribution in the tech sector and she brings with her a high level of experience and understanding of the type of services that we provide.

Jayne has been practicing her trade since 1989 and has handled everything from payroll, to accounts receivable and payables. We sought her out as we started to grow, and having worked with her in the past, we knew that she would fit our environment perfectly because of her commitment to customer service.