mission statement

building relationships

The foundation of this company came from our dissatisfaction with both quality of product being delivered as well as the service that stood behind it.

We don’t believe a customer’s place of business should be used for testing new product.
We don’t believe that the customers place of business should be used as a training center for our staff either.
Our mission statement describes what we can do for companies of all sizes.

simple. direct. honest. we stand behind the products that we sell

We build relationships with the people needed to help your company succeed when it comes to making the right technology choices at the right time.

“alpha’s commitment is to help your company leverage technology to make you more efficient and effective, while saving you money”

our goals

Our primary goal is to exceed customer expectations. We don’t want you happy with our work, we want you ecstatic to the point that you become one of our off site salespeople. We realize the importance of creating a strong relationship with you, the customer, as that is the foundation for success. We realize that you already have a job to do and that our job is to help make that faster, easier, and more efficient so that the only thing you notice is the results.

We pride ourselves on being proactive. If there is something coming that will solve a current issue, or alleviate a future concern, we want to be the first to let you know. Since the success of your business ultimately affects the success of ours, it is important for us to let you know of any concerns we have before they become problems. Being reactive in business is a formula for disaster so communication and security are of utmost importance to us.